Congratulations Marsha!

The winning bid was $1,000.  Now we just have to wait for Craig to get here…

I would have enjoyed beng a part of the countdown.  Alas, I leave tomorrow morning at 7AM to go to another Board of Directors meeting, this time for the Texas Music Project. I don’t get back to town until about 7PMish. A staff person will be in contact with you via email in the morning to arrange everything so we can get you tickets, etc. I will find you on Friday before the show to introduce myself and give you your pass to the reception. This was fun….Marsha, Chris, Sasha, Frances….see you at the show


6 responses to “Congratulations Marsha!

  1. One last comment and then I promise this silliness will stop. I was reflecting upon the fact that this year, I have somehow managed to meet Kevin Sorbo, Richard Hatch (the Battlestar Galactica one, not the Survivor one), and now I get to go to a reception for Craig Ferguson! The irony is, all this had to happen when I got old, fat, and married! Oh, cruel fate.

    Ken: I promise I will behave, and won’t offer him a drink or anything. (Well, I might offer him my daughter, since that would be fine with her. Oh, never mind. I said I would behave.)

  2. Marsha, don’t let the silliness stop! It’s what keeps us young! Just remember, you’re representing all of us Texas women who love Craig but will never get a chance to meet him (no pressure)!

    (P.S. If Craig’s interested in a threesome – well, I’m not married…..Sorry, we can bleep that out)!

  3. Marsha McNeese

    Frances: we have GOT to get together before the show for some more fun! Send me your email address as it isn’t showing up on here as a link. There is an Intercontinental Sam Houston hotel right next door to the Paramount that has a good bar, though quite crowded. (Their scallops appetizer is WONDERFUL!) Maybe we can hook up there. I can send you a photo so you can find me.

  4. That sounds great! My e-mail address is:

    (I’m not very tech savvy)

  5. Please consider Stephen Fry’s advice when you meet Craig tomorrow night. It’s lengthy, but quite informative. Stephen’s a HUGE celebrity (or sleb, as he says) in his own right in Britain.

  6. Marhsa, I just got back in town. I am glad you are having fun with the blog. Read some of the “Favorite Moments” comments to know that others have fun as well.

    I trust we got everything arranged with your tickets. I’ll see all of you at the show.

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