Wednesday at 5 will the bid still be at $1,000?


Chris, my man.  What about the free drinks…the free parking… and the post show reception???  Marsha, I love you and your $1,000 bid,  but this was just beginng to get good!  Maybe this will be like EBay where someone swoops in at the last second and bids it up… you gotta hate that unless you are the seller!  And in this case, the seller is the Paramount Theatre which needs a new roof!  Do I hear $1,250?????

To bid,  just leave an amount as a comment.  I will capture your email when you do and will contact you if you are the high bidder.  The auction closes at 5PM on Wednesday.  The tickets are valued at $180 so anything above that is a donation.  You are bidding on 4 front row seats and all the benefits that I listed for Chris above.

Concerning Craig’s quest for Honorary Citizenship, I found the following on Wikipedia:

Ferguson is in the process of becoming a US citizen, and has commented in various venues, including the David Letterman show and his own show, on his intentions.[14][15] Sometimes, after making a joke about President Bush, he will make a comment along the lines of “They will never let me be a citizen now.”

He has recently started to try to get an Honorary Citizenship from every State in America. So far, he has received honorary citizen status from; Arkansas, North Dakota, Tennessee, South Carolina, South Dakota, Nevada, Alaska, Texas, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and honorary Indiana Hoosier, and various towns in the US. He has as well been named “The Honorary Celebrity of South Dakota”!

An 11 year old girl who watches the show emailed the governor of Pennsylvania asking for Ferguson to get citizenship in her state and it succeeded. As is noted by the segment intro graphic on the show, “Honorary citizenship is legally meaningless.” Ferguson was also named a “Duke of Hazard, KY” along with receiving a key to the city.

On September 17, 2007, Oscar the Grouch appeared on The Late Late Show and appointed Craig an Honorary Citizen of Sesame Street.

One locality in the US that has refused such an honor to Craig Ferguson is Portland, Oregon. A viewer had sent a request to Portland mayor Tom Potter. She received a response saying:

There are no plans to make Craig Ferguson a citizen at this time, Portland does not have an established tradition for offering this honor. If we did, our inclination would be to award the honor based on social and humanitarian accomplishments, rather than the privilege of hosting a television show.

Craig then used multiple profanities when referring to Mayor Tom Potter which had to be bleeped. Later in the show, when adjusting his map showing where he has been made an honorary citizen, he placed a photo of Michael Moore’s head on top of Portland.


13 responses to “Wednesday at 5 will the bid still be at $1,000?

  1. Hey, it’s cool with Chris and me. He is going to purchase 2 of my existing tickets IF I win, and if he will buy us a drink before the show, I will even throw in a parking pass. Plus, he will not have to wake up with that horse’s head in his bed.

  2. Secretly, I am rooting for you Marsha. Publicly, I totally hope the last minute bidding get ridiculously out of hand!!!!!!

  3. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I’ve noticed that there are now tickets available on the Theatre web site for $150 each. What’s up with that?

  4. Chris,

    Sometimes sponsors and major donors return seats at the last minute because they can’t come or otherwise can’t use the ticket(s). In some cases, even the artist returns seats last minute because he/she didn’t get any requests for them. When this happens, we open the seats up on-line last minute. Alternatively, some people don’t return them to us but rather sell them on services like Craig’s List or through a ticket broker (scalper).

    Because seats “down front” go to donors, we put these seats on sale with a donation request included. It varies from show to show and we never know until last minute. There are some great seats that have now been returned and they are available by going to our calendar listing for Craig’s show.

    Please remember that when you buy from a service other than our Box Office or our official Gettix outlets, you ar taking the chance that your ticket is not valid. Last week, one of those “ticket brokers” (sclapers) sold Wednesday night tickets for a Thursday night show!!!

  5. Good to know, thanks for the info!

  6. Well, remember that I am not only bidding $1000 but also throwing in 2 orchestra seats in section C row F!

  7. Well, if necessary, I could throw in 2 tickets to see America Saturday night too! Hey, I’m actually going to get my HAIR done for Craig! I thought about wearing a T-shirt that says “Kiss me, I’m Scottish…sort of.”

  8. I have a ticket to this week’s Craig Ferguson show that I have decided to give away. I will be stuck in Dallas on business, but before I go I figured Why not give it away?

    So, here’s the deal. 1. It’s an upper balcony seat. 2. I would prefer it go to someone who’s interested, a fan of Ferguson’s. Drop me a one pargraph email detailing Why you must get this ticket. Best email wins.


  9. Ken, one more thing I can add to my bid. I am a professor of Radiation Oncology, recently retired from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, so if Craig comes down with a sudden case of cancer…TA-DAH! Marsha to the rescue! OK, I’m getting silly again, time to go to bed. G’night.

  10. Hey, Kristoph, may I suggest that if you don’t get a response, just donate your ticket back to the Paramount. I am sure whoever buys it would be a Ferguson fan, AND you get a charity donation! And the Paramount gets extra money too!

    Yes, this could be construed as sucking up to Ben. I have no pride when it comes to getting thiese tickets!

  11. Less than four hours left to go. Keep a close eye on the bidding Marsha!

  12. And welcome to another exciting edition of WIN BEN STEIN’S MONEY! No, wait, it’s WIN KEN STEIN’S TICKETS! Now I am assuming the bidding ends at 5 PM CENTRAL time, right? ‘Cuz it is now 4:37 by my clock…..Can I hold my breath that long?

  13. To Kristoph: Sorry, I meant sucking up to KEN. Dang. It’s embarrassing when you are trying to impress someone and you get their name wrong.

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