$1,000 and counting…


Wow, this is beginning to feel like an alliance on Survivor! I will let Chris and Marsha sort it out while others consider bidding, but I will answer a few questions raised:

1.  If you donate your tickets back, the theatre credits you with a donation in the amount of the tickets original price, and then we open those seats back up for sale.  If you ever are not able to make a show, this is an excellent way to help the theatre.  Also, check our homepage frequently during the week leading up to a show.  We post premium tickets that get returned there.  Often times, sponsors and event the artists give back unused tickets last minute.

2.  The reception is by invitation only to sponsors (KEYE for this show) and members of our Century Club who are attending the show.  Century Club members make a minimum donation of $10,000 that is used, in part, for historic preservation purposes to get ready for our 100th anniversary in 2015.  Our goal is to identify 100 members each year between now and then so that eventually an endowment exists to permanently protect the Paramount.  The sponsors and CC members alone have taken us to our maximum invitations for this show, but due to the LLS issues I extended one more invitation for the four people who come to the show as a result of this auction.  I really can’t open up anymore invitations as there would be no way to fairly decide when to cut them off again.  Sorry about that….unless you want to join the Century Club which you can do by clicking here to learn more.

3.  Craig has a campaign to get honorary citizenship from as many cities as possible.  I  do not know what Governor Perry has done, but a representative from the City of Austin is presenting Craig with honorary citizenship at the reception  (yikes, one more invitation).

 4. Finally, I realize that these auctions quickly get to a level that prevents many from bidding.  I want to point out, however, that the Paramount has a mission to make our shows available to a wide and diverse audience.  To honor that, tickets to this show started as low as $25 as part of our introductory subscription rate.  When shows are “age appropriate”, we also give away tickets to local non-profits working with disadvantaged youths.  Often those kids get private receptions as well. That effort is called our Skinny’s Gallery program named after Skinny Pryor.  You can donate to Skinny’s Gallery by clicking here.  Oh, and sometimes members of our Century Club donate additional gifts so that we can offer these non-profits food as well as transportation  to and from the show.  Over 2,000 kids benefit each year.

I hope all this helps, and I am very excited about the bidding.  Thank you to everyone so far…

To bid simply leave a comment.  I will update the high bid each day.  The winning bid must be confirmed before tickets are issued.  The market value of the tickets is $180 so anything above that is considered a tax deductible donation and will go towards ongoing preservation and community outreach for the theatres.  Bidding closes at 5PM on Wednesday.

 Comments now closed on this post.  To bid, please go to most recent post.


13 responses to “$1,000 and counting…

  1. Gov. Perry bestowed honorary citizenship to Craig back in June. See the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70vwzqUgrbk.

  2. Julie: thanks for the link. The honorary citizenship letter was HILARIOUS and I recemmend everybody view it if they haven’t already.

    Chris. I saw your question about whether I need 4 tickets. I do need all 4, BUT if I win the bidding, I will sell you the 4 I currently have, which are great seats on about the 8th row center.

    Now, you may ask why I want to bid if I already have such great seats. Well, the answer is simple: it would be a thrill for both my daughter and me to be so close AND to attend the reception. It would be a bit of an early Christmas gift if I can pull it off.
    You can email me at marsha880@yahoo.com

  3. Hey Marsha. It is nice to know I am not the only “night owl” on this blog. I couldn’t get Julie’s link to work but I googled it and found the video. Very funny.

  4. Hello, Ken. I just realized this IS starting to sound like a SURVIVOR: Ferguson episode! I keep mentioning my daughter and me, but my husband and my daughter’s friend are also very excited about this show. I was supposed to be at a medical meeting in New Orleans this coming weekend but I cancelled just so I could see Craig. I saw a taping of his TV program last year, but he has frequently said his live non-TV performances are much naughtier. I can’t wait!

  5. One of my staff members thinks he is gorgeous so we surprised her by assigning her the duty of picking him up at the airport! She is beside herself excited. Personally, I think he is hysterical. Very quick and the humor seems to come organically rather than over produced. Thanks for the bid and good luck.

  6. You know, the Paramount could probably sell a lot of T-shirts that say “Craig’s Cheeky Wee Monkeys: Austin Branch” or something to that effect.

    I had an email read on his show that went something like this: “Dear Craig, thanks to the wonders of TiVO, I get to wake up in bed with you every morning. Unfortunately, so does my husband.” Thankfully, my husband has a great sense of humor.

  7. Let me know if your staff member gets ill or needs help with the airport pickup. I am happy to help out. Actually, I am surprised our city councilwoman isn’t meeting him herself! Meow.

    (I am not sure if you heard about all that, but I was just being catty.)

  8. okay…you two just need to get some sleep…

  9. And look. Here it is 8:17AM and I am at it again… Marsha, did you even go to bed yet?

  10. I did, right after making the tacky remark about the city councilwoman who wanted VIP treatment at the airport. I figured I’d better quit before I got myself into more trouble.

    I did off to sell Chris my other tickets if I win the bidding but I haven’t yet heard back.

  11. At this point, I’m pulling for Marsha, as she made me a deal I can’t refuse!

    If for some reason I can’t get tickets for this show, I might jet off to Phoenix on Saturday and catch him there. I also have the option of seeing him in my home town of Sparta, New Jersey, of all places. Might be a real hoot to go back there (haven’t been in 20 years).

  12. So, what time Wednesday does the bidding end? I’m on pins and needles. (What the hell does that MEAN, anyway?) Probably means I need to go to bed early tonight.

  13. Oops, sorry the YouTube link didn’t work. Looking forward to Friday!