$600… Do you want to meet him?


Chris!  Can you feel the love all the way from Milwaukee? I am out here (up here) for a meeting of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Leauge of Historic American Theatres… of which the Paramount is one.  Oh and for the beer too. Thanks for the $600 bid.

Realizing that the writers strike may affect tapings of the Late, Late Show in LA, we can’t guarantee the tickets to the taping on the 29th (but we will try).  However, I am sure that I have 4 front row seats to Craig Ferguson’s show here in Austin, and if anyone can get you into the reception afterwards…well that would be me.  So the bidding is for an evening in Austin with Craig, and a possible reunion in LA for a taping to his show.  Not much I can do to take care of you while in LA, but in Austin I can get you complimentary parking and free cocktails!  (Just don’t drink too much, or you won’t remember meeting Craig after the show!)

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5 responses to “$600… Do you want to meet him?

  1. I’ll be watching the bidding! I really appreciate the opportunity to help out the theater and get a shot at the last available tickets. Looking forward to the show.

  2. I bid $1000 for the 4 tickets and the reception to meet Craig. I already have 4 tickets (row 8) and would donate them to the Paramount in addition to my bid.


  3. One more question: is there a possibility of bidding only on the reception after the show? I already have 4 tickets, but I would really like to have a chance to go to the reception, and take my daughter. So if we can’t afford the front row tickets, maybe we could at least bid on the reception?

  4. By the way, it isn’t too hard to get tickets to the LLS. We were there last year, just before the Rose Bowl game. It was a great show. We would donate those back to the Paramount if they can raise some money with those passes. Hey, since Rick Perry gave Craig honorary citizenship, will he be coming to the show in Austin?

  5. Well, this may come down to the wire on Wednesday. I really only need two tickets to the show. Marsha, do you need all four?