Who is Craig Ferguson’s Biggest Fan?


I am getting ready to head out of town to a conference for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, but before I go I am happy to announce another sold out show at the Paramount.  Gosh, I like how that sounds. 

The only seats we have left for Craig Ferguson’s show next Friday, November 16th are obstructed view in the balcony.  So once again I am giving up my personal seats in the front row to raise money for the theatres. 

And to make it interesting, I am throwing in 4 tickets to the taping of the November 29th CBS Late, Late Show at CBS Television City in Los Angeles, California.  The taping begins at 5:30 PM.  Many thanks to our friends at KEYE for those tickets.

That’s 4 front row seats next week at the Paramount and 4 tickets to the taping of his live show on November 29th in Los Angeles.

To bid simply leave an amount as a comment (any amount) and I will keep track of our high bidder each day.  This isn’t EBay so some bids will be out of order but don’t worry as it tends to work itself out.  In case of a tie, the high bidders will go into a drawing.  The winning bid must be confirmed before tickets are issued.  The highest bid at 5PM on Wednesday, November 14th wins.  Good luck and remember, it’s for a good cause.

Comments now closed on this post.  To bid, please leave a comment on the most current post.


9 responses to “Who is Craig Ferguson’s Biggest Fan?

  1. Sherry & AL Fayard

    We bid $235 for Craig Ferguson’s show at the Paramount. Good Luck!!

  2. Deborah Lewis

    I will bid $400 for the tickets to see Craig Ferguson.

  3. But will the LLS be taping on Nov. 29? What about the writers strike?

  4. I would imagine if the writers strike prevents the taping then we will get tickets for another date… but I will cechk to make sure.

  5. KEYE tells us if the taping is affected by the strike they would try to get us replacement tickets but can’t guarantee. So with that in mind, I suggest we all think of the LLS tickets as TBD. That said, I will now throw in a meet and greet with Craig at the Paramount after the show…and complimnetary parking and beverages. Leave a new comment if this affects your current bid.

  6. Dennis O'Neill

    Here’s a $500.00 bid with or without the taping.

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  8. Chris Piedmonte

    Ken, I’ll bid $600.00. Does Craig do corporate gigs? If so, can you send me his agent’s contact info?

  9. Chris, I am in Milwaukee at a conference but I will check on getting you contact info on Craig’s agent. Almost every (not all) performers of his caliber do Corporate gigs cause that is lots of money for them, but it will most likely depend on how much you are willing to spend. For example, I hear Leno does quite a few corporate gigs as do Conan and Kimmel, but I’ve never heard of Letterman doing one.