A comic, a chef and some tuna…recipe for fun

craig-ferguson.jpg anthony-bourdain.gif Joe and Vera Dancing

There are still a few good seats left for the final week of Tuna Does Vegas… 

We just received word that the Anthony Bourdaine special that was filmed while he was here will air Friday, November 9 on ABC NightlineAs you know, they can change their minds depending on what is going on in the world, but that’s when it’s scheduled.

Also, I think I may have some Craig Ferguson front row seats as well as some tickets to the taping of his show in LA.  Stay tuned…


6 responses to “A comic, a chef and some tuna…recipe for fun

  1. Ken,
    We just got through seeing Tuna, and need your help (or that of someone who had seats closer to the stage). We could not read what “Save the …” message Petey had on his cap. Can you tell me?

    While I’m in the questioning mood, what is the seating capacity of the Parmount? And of that, how many on the orchestra level vs. upstairs?


  2. I have no idea what Petey’s hat says, but I will find out. The Paramount seats 1,300 pretty evenly divided between upstairs and down.

  3. Word from backstage: Save the Penguins!

  4. Thanks for the info. I thought I made out the “P” in penguins.

  5. Hi Ken!! Tuna Does Vegas?? Tuna Does Fabulous!! I saw the show Saturday night and it was incredible. I can’t believe those guys can change their costumes so fast and so effortlessly. Could they come over and give my teenagers some tips? Anyway, the show was great and this large-footed woman is envious of all of the cute shoes — the shoes were hilarious. My feet are large, but they don’t smell like Port Arthur, thank goodness. Tell the guys from Tuna that they need my my aunt’s recipe for Shrimp Etouffee — it calls for 2 lbs. of Velveeta. XXOO, Chatty

  6. Chatty, could I get that recipe????

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