They’re back…

Vera with cash Pearl fighting with Vera Cover shot

… with a brand new show!  Opening night of Tuna Does Vegas is finally here.  Even if you haven’t seen the others, you will still love this one.  You absolutely cannot live in Austin, Texas and remain a Tuna virgin!!!  Get a ticket and come see Jaston and Joe take on Vegas.  Opening week festivities include a band with a female Elvis impersonator as well as the “Winningest Wheel in Austin!”


2 responses to “They’re back…

  1. Just saw Tuna Does Vegas in Austin —LOVED EVERY MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
    So incredibly funny — I was exhausted from laughing yet wanting more when it was over! Costumes, sets and music — perfect!!
    Hope they do a DVD of Red, White & Tuna and this latest installment. I have memorized Christmas Tuna and can’t wait to see them in Nashville in December!

  2. God Bless Elvis and The USA. 🙂

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