An adventure in Austin…

 bourdain-line.jpg bourdain-signing.jpg bordian-with-stacey-et-all.jpg

Eventhough I had no idea who he was – it was a great night at the Paramount with Anthony Bourdain.  He arrived in town yesterday and had to be back on a plane by 5AM this morning, but while he was here he still managed to do a little exploring.

He did a shoot with ABC Nightline at Ruby’s BBQ around 3PM.  I called my Programming Director, Lietza, to see how it was going.  “What’s he like?” I asked.  “He’s everything I hoped he would be” was the reply. 

At the theatre there was a buzz in the crowd and quite a mixure of people -young, old and in between.  I was surprised at the large block of orchestra center seating that went empty.   Folks, that is so distracting for an artist to see from stage.  If you cannot make the show, call us.  We will credit your ticket purchase as a donation and then try to re-sell them.

After the show – which  went 30mins longer than scheduled – I was shocked at the length of the line for the book signing!  That was a David Sedaris type of line.  But Tony stayed until the bitter end signing all the books.  There were extras that got signed and sent back to Book People if you didn’t get one.  By the way, when you buy a book at the Paramount, a portion of your purchase is donated back to the theatre.

After the book signing wrapped up (around 11:30PM), the ABC cameras followed Tony to 6th Street where the adventure continued.  I wouldn’t know, however, because I headed home to bed…


2 responses to “An adventure in Austin…

  1. We loved the show, and look forward to more great tmes at The Paramount!!

  2. Pat, it was a pleasure to meet you and Jim. Good seats are waiting for you when Kathy G. comes back!!!!

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