Bourdain, BBQ and Flatscreens


Iron Works – Nope, but I love their sausage.
Salt Lick – Nope, but love their sauce.
Pok-e-Jo’s – Nope, but I love their turkey.
Stubb’s – Nope.  I’ve never been but I’ll be there Thurday for an event.
It’s not Lambert’s either but I do like that place even if just a little fancy.

If you are in the mood for BBQ on Saturday, head to your favorite haunt around 3ish and see if you run into Tony and the film crew from ABC!

Speaking of ABC Television, we now have beautiful flatscreen TVs at the Paramount compliments of Samsung.  We can now display information about upcoming shows as well as share beautiful photographs of the the theatre through the years.  Let me know what you think when you see them – a modern touch that doesn’t take away from the historic element I think…


4 responses to “Bourdain, BBQ and Flatscreens

  1. Rare that someone’s as candid, talented and brilliant as Anthony Bourdain. What blows about attending these events is this: Attention soccer moms and grandmoms–If you have no interest in the subject, go ahead and stay home. Tonight, the girl to the left of me fell asleep. The woman to my right flipped through her program for the first 15 minutes and the couple (forced date night) in front of me left after Anthony’s third “F***”. Here’s a great idea, give away your tickets to someone who’d die to see these people or give them to Ken and maybe we can sell them for charity. Or maybe some of you should google the artist, so you’ll have an idea what to expect.

    [ you know Kris, the same thing happens whenever David Sedaris comes to town. I don’t get it either??? ~ken]

  2. I, for one, had a fantastic time! Pat M. and her husband were the sweetest, and Ken was so friendly and accomodating…I can’t imagine a better way to enjoy spending some time with Tony, unless it’s eating some great Vietnamese food with him and enjoying his acerbic wit and down-to-the-bone honesty while I digest. Thank you so much for such a great night, and that means you, too, Tony.

    Victoria (the teacher)

    [it was a pleasure to meet you. don’t you just love pat and jim? ~ken]

  3. I, too, had an amazing evening!! I was able to get premium tix in the orchestra section, although it did cost me, but it was completely worth it. I bought his latest book and got it signed; unfortunately I was too tongue tied to tell him that his writing style is amazing!! He’s right up there with J.D. Salinger and Joseph Heller, in my estimation. Bravo, Paramount, for being able to schedule such a unique talent!

  4. Loved it! I was surprised to see a number of seats that were never filled during the show…I guess some ticket holders had other plans that night. Overall, great event.

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