What a great story


Our winning bidder, Pat, has invited our teacher, Victoria, to take one of the four seats for the show.  Everyone is excited.  Everyone is a winner.

Mr. Bourdain is being followed by cameras from ABC Nightline.  Maybe you’ll make it on TV if you’re at the show.  We also know that he is paying a visit to Austin’s “best” BBQ joint… hmmm wonder which one?  Take a guess which one, leave the answer in a comment, and if you are right, maybe I’ll send you a little gift.

He will be in the lobby after the show to sign books and I believe he is planning on taking questions from the audience.

Thank you to everyone who bid.  I am very happy that some of you were able to take advantage of the last minute tickets that got returned this week.  It will be a fun night… Check back to the blog after the show and I’ll give you any backstage gossip…


9 responses to “What a great story

  1. My guess is that he’ll be visiting Stubb’s for BBQ…although I personally prefer Pok-e-Joes.

  2. I think he will be visiting Iron Works.

  3. I say Iron Works.

  4. I’m betting Iron Works, but he should go to Lambert’s. Lambert’s is really awesome. 🙂

  5. why not the Salt Lick ? it has atmosphere !

  6. Daniel Walter

    How ’bout Rudy’s

  7. Nope. But you were only off by one letter. He was at Ruby’s near campus. Go figure. I’ve never been.

  8. Oh, Ruby’s is actually very good, I believe they call it organic BBQ. Good stuff. Almost time for the show!

  9. I, for one, had a fantastic time! Pat M. and her husband were the sweetest, and Ken was so friendly and accomodating…I can’t imagine a better way to enjoy spending some time with Tony, unless it’s eating some great Vietnamese food with him and enjoying his acerbic wit and down-to-the-bone honesty while I digest. Thank you so much for such a great night, and that means you, too, Tony.

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