One thousand six hundred reasons to celebrate…

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So this weekend I was taking care of FIVE kids all under the age of NINE.  Needless to say I didn’t have much time to check in on the blog.  So I am sitting here shocked that we are up to $1,600 for the four front row to Bourdain this Saturday

So Patricia – that’s my Mom’s name – you got us to $1,000 and then Kathy came in with a $1,500 bid.  Now you have come back with this amazing bid of $1,600.  If this keeps up, I’ll have the new roof at the Paramount paid for by Thursday!

So back to the kids.  We went to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday for dinner.  I think whatever that was (they called it pizza) that I ate puts me in the same league as Mr. Bourdain.  I dare him to eat some of that!!!  No reservations?  Ha!  How many kids can compete for pink eye at the same time.  No reservations means no limit…

Remember, the bidding closes at 5PM on Thursday for these FOUR front-row seats to An Evening with Anthony Bourdain at the Paramount on Saturday- one night only -and it is SOLD OUT.  To bid, leave your amount in a comment. 

I will contact you by email if you win.  Winning bid must be confirmed before tickets are issued.  The winner and his/her guests will also receive complimentary parking and cocktails.  All money supports the theatre.  The donation amount less the value of the tickets ($180) is tax deductible. 

Bid often and bid high!  Thank you.

(Comments now closed!  Thanks to our winner. I will contact you soon.)


8 responses to “One thousand six hundred reasons to celebrate…

  1. Wow, who pays this much when tickets are all over craigslist for 150 each….. who is this guy?

    [ Well, maybe people who want to support the theatres. Tickets on that site are just another form of scalping. When you purchase those tickets, you are taking the chance, as with any scalper, that the tickets are not valid. We turn people away with invalid tickets all the time. ~ ken]

  2. I think I have my ticket situation resolved, but I certainly hope the bidding continues upwards so the Paramount can benefit. And I agree, please people be careful when buying tickets from Craigslist or other sources…I’ve heard too many stories of people paying lots of $$ for fake tickets.

    I look forward to a great show Saturday night!

  3. Hi Ken. In response to your response to Molly:
    The word “scalping” by definition in the context you seemed to reference it is as follows per merriam-webster: “to buy and sell so as to make small quick profits; especially : to resell at greatly increased prices.”
    The reason I brought it up is that I purchased a single ticket for this event from a local ticket agency because I snoozed. I paid $125.00. They were helpful, kind, and the word scalper seems to hold such a negative connotation when used that I have to voice that I had a very positive experience with them. Thinking about it, any person that has ever made a profit on reselling anything falls directly under that textbook “scalper” definition? Can’t wait for Saturday. Thanks for the event!

    [ Yes. These are legitimate business transactions and are legal – except for those instances when they are profitting off of non-vlaid tickets. The only way I can guarantee to you that you have a seat to our shows, is by selling through our ticketing agency which is Usually the Paramount bears the ill-will created when someone shows up with a seat that either doesn’t exist or was sold to multiple individuals. Recently, I announced on this blog that tickets to Kathy Griffin in Austin being sold on EBay were displaying a seating chart that was actually the Paramount in Seattle. It happens more often than you realize. It becomes an issue when “scalpers” buy up large blocks of good seats and then re-sell them at lofty prices. That works against our mission. There is a current news story involving Disney being dissappointed that tickets to “Hannah Montanna” are being scalped for thousands of dollars because parents are desparate to get tickets for their kids. It’s sad and it is an industry problem. Big names like Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Prince, Madonna and so one have all gone on record as being very concerned by the “institution” calling itself “ticketing brokers” that has grown out of the scalping movement. Call it what you like, I don’t approve of making a dollar off a non-profit that has a mission to make tickets available to a wide audience. Like I said earlier, tickets for this show started at $25 because we didn’t want it to be exclusive. That said, I am glad you got a seat, and I hope you enjoy the show this weekend. ~ ken]

  4. We are in for $1,600 since we love to support great causes – like the Paramount – and want to see Anthony Bourdain. That being said, I want to say “I hope we win, I hope we win” – ha!!

    And Ken, I assume you will keep “teacher Victoria” in the loop, and informed, right?

    [Yes. I will contact our teacher if you get the winning bid. Thank you! ~ken]

  5. I’m sad that I didn’t learn about this event until now!! I’m a huge fan of Bourdain, read most of his books, but I’m a grad student, so there’s no way in heck that I can afford to bid. Good luck to all who are bidding, and to whoever wins, have fun!!

  6. It saddens me to think that people can’t get into this show, but we do what we can. Please know that some obstructed view seats may still be available. At the Paramount that may simply mean that a handrail is slightly obstructing your view in the balcony. You can call the box office at 472-5470. Also, sometimes sponsors and artists give back decent seats at the last minute. You can go to our website at and look for the “Premium Seats” link. These tend to sell in the $150 range with a portion being treated like a donation. Good luck!

  7. I am so thrilled that someone donated their tickets back so that I could purchase them through the premium tickets program. My husband and I are both avid fans of Tony, but we just couldn’t quite see paying a broker $125+ for the tickets. Now we get to see Tony and make a donation to the theater — what a deal!

  8. A quick question, my friend going with me to the show wanted to know if Tony was going to sign any of his books or anything after the show. I doubt it but thought I would ask….do you know if he plans to do a book signing either at the Paramount or anywhere else while he is in Austin?

    [Yes. He is doing a signing in the lobby after the show. Also, his books will be on sale and if you buy them at the Theatre, a portion comes back to the theatre! It’s going to be a great night – I can feel it. Never before have I seen an interest in a show like this. More tickets have been returned. Go to and look for the “premium seats” link. ~ken]