$1,500 high bid… Kathy the great!


Well, well, well. See how little I know. Tony is definitely someone I should have known about. By the way, my Programming Director wants me to set the record straight. She booked him almost a year ago knowing that the show would be a hot ticket… she thinks he is “GORGEOUS”. I think Kathy is GORGEOUS for her $1,500 bid!!!

So the bidding is off to a fantastic start. We have a $1,500 bid. Just a reminder, these are four front row seats to an otherwise sold out show. And, just to make this worth your while, I’ll add complimentary parking as well as complimentary cocktails for the show. I have no idea what Mr. Bourdain is going to do, but if food is involved it will be like sitting at the kitchen table with him!

All bids benefit the theaters. Top bid at 5PM on Thursday gets the tickets to the Saturday, October 20 show. Bid must be confirmed before tickets are claimed. To bid, simply leave an amount in the comment box. We will contact the winning bidder by email.

Good luck and thank you to all of our bidders!

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3 responses to “$1,500 high bid… Kathy the great!

  1. I’m not ready to up my bid yet, but I did want to say I wish you could have gotten Tony for two nights, you could probably have sold out both shows! Anyway, it’s a great opportunity to see Tony in person. I eat at his restaurant in New York every time I go (Les Halles), love the Steak Frites!

    By the way, if you win the bidding, is a portion of the cost of the tickets tax deductible?

    [These tickets were originally sold to the public at $45 each. So the tax deductible portion would be the amount of the bid less the $180 value of the tickets. So at the current $1,500 bid, the tax deductible amount would be $1,320. I would just like to add that the mission of our organization is to make quality programming available to the widest audience possible. We could easily turn the Paramount into an elitist house and charge a great deal more for seats, but that would be a terrible disservice to Austin. Your donations allow us to keep the theatre in working condition as well as keep ticket prices affordable. And for that, I thank you. ~ ken]

  2. Count me in!

    Bid: 1500.00

  3. We’re still in – this time for $1,600. And, as before, if we win Victoria (the teacher) is offered one of our tickets. GO TEACHERS!!