Who is Anthony Bourdain and how do I get tickets?


“Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, is currently being aired on the Travel Channel on Mondays at 10PM ET/PT. Check local listings for times and details. Anthony Bourdain travels the world seeking the authentic experiences and food that flavor the world’s cultures.”

Hell if I knew.   But it seems as if everyone else in Austin did.  This is by far our hottest ticket.  No seats are left.  None.  Nada.  Zilch.  How happy am I that I kept my 4 front row tickets instead of giving them to friends…  Lucky for you…

The highest bidder on the blog gets all 4 tickets.  Front row at the Parmount on October 20.  Scalpers have Upper Balcony seats on-line for $155 each!!!    Screw ’em.  Get your 4 front row seats here and 100% of the money goes to support the Paramount Theatre.

To bid, simply put your dollar amount in as a comment.  I will monitor the comments and update the site each day with the high bid.  Don’t worry if bids overlap one another.  I’ll sort it out. 

Remember, this isn’t fancy EBay so sometimes bids will appear out of order.  No need to leave a phone number as I will capture your email when you leave your bid.  Winning bid must be verified before tickets are released.  Winning bidder at 5PM on Thursday, October 18 takes the prize.  Do I have an opening bid of $400?

 And can somebody explain to me why he is so popular????

Comments closed.  Please continue bidding on most recent post.


15 responses to “Who is Anthony Bourdain and how do I get tickets?

  1. Top Chef. He was the snarkiest judge. And he’s cute.

  2. I’m a seriously crushed that I could not afford tickets to see him. He’s by far one of my favorite people. It would be a dream to meet him.

    [Know that we do what we can. Ticket prices for this show started at $25. I wish I could have done better but the Paramount doesn’t make money even when a show sells out. We just don’t have enought seats. We keep the doors open with donations…and things like this auction. If I had an empty seat, it would be yours. ` Ken]

  3. I’ll bite. $400.

    My wife loves him. She loved No Reservations even before he started showing up on Top Chef (which she also watches religiously). I’ll admit, he has a no-nonsense charm about him that translates well into his storytelling.

  4. bev vandegrift


  5. $700

    I assume we can bid more than once as the price goes up?

    People (especially women it seems) love him because he is funny and witty on his television shows, his books are funny and well written.

    [Bid often and bid high!!!! ~ken]

  6. Kathleen Brady

    Wow…no room for the little people I guess. All I can offer up is $100. Too bad, I would LOVE TO GO! Any standing room seats available for us commoners?

    PS I did support you guys by doing the Arts Run a couple of months ago!!!

    [Please see my note on Nina’s comment. I wish I could do more. As a side note, the Paramount gives away thousands of free tickets to local non-profits each year. ~ ken]

  7. Well, well, well…I was the lucky one who bid on and won the Mr. Bourdain/Wink package at the gala. I would have definately bid on these seats since we are in the balcony. Alas, my coffers are diminished! Therefore, my bid is to invite Mr. Bourdain to share Wink’s 5-course dinner with our group before the show and offer my time to show Mr. Bourdain and friends our town (if time permits). He’s irresistible!!!

    [Hmmm. How many tickets did your package include at the Gala? Wink is a fantastic restaurant and we thank them for their donation of a 5-course meal! Unfortuantely, Mr. Bourdain handles all of his own personal appearances.~ ken]

  8. This is crazy. I can’t believe I’m doing this. LOL

  9. I’ll volunteer 1000 hours of service to the Paramount Theatre. I’ll clean up trash, carry a flashlight and help people to their seats, answer people’s questions, stuff envelopes, be nice to the ghosts, change the marquee, work will call, answer phones, cold call for donations, anything, I’ll do it. I love this man’s perspective, his body of work, and his humor. I don’t have the cash to spare, but I have the time.

  10. So SAD! I’m a teacher and just can’t spend anywhere NEAR what others are…even though Anthony B. is ENTIRELY worth it. What a great show it will be…


    [Please see my note to Nina’s comment. My sister is a teacher. I wish we paid you what you are really worth!!! ~ ken]

  11. My husband and I will bid $1,000, and if we win, want to invite Victoria (the teacher) to take one of our seats. Victoria may not be able to spend her $$ on these seats, but she may be the one who teaches our 3-1/2 year old son one day so as far as we’re concerned, as a teacher, SHE’S THE WOMAN!!!

    [I am deeply moved by this gesture. ~ ken]

  12. I am overwhelmed at the kindness and generosity so openly shared by Pat M. and Ken Stein, both in gesture and sentiments. I love teaching, and I am deeply honored to be entrusted with our most wonderful and precious treasures…our children.

    Thank you!


  13. Take a look on CL. Pair for $200 each.

    [Hmmm. First, they are not in the front row. Second purchasing them doesn’t benefit the theatre. And most importantly, purchasing tickets from a source other than the theatre or its official ticketing agency (Gettix.net) puts you at risk of being stopped at the door with invalid tickets. It happens more often than you think. ~ken]