Ghost Stories…

Paramount Interior shirley-maclaine-with-ken-and-ken.gif

The day after Shirley MacLaine commented on the “wonderful energy” of the Paramount, a reporter from the Statesman came to interview me on the ghosts that supposedly haunt our theatre.  I say supposedly because I have never seen one… but our head custodian has, and he sat in on the interview as well.

In truth, I openly admit to a certain feeling that our theatre is “alive” in some way.  I have been there many times alone at night and have had the overwhelming need to announce out loud to “no one” in particular that I am here to help the Paramount and not to harm it.  Our head custodian, Tony Johnson, however has a few rooms in the theatre that he no longer goes into alone.  He claims to have had dozens of experiences but only two of them have been what he calls “scary”.  You can read all about Tony’s ghosts and the legend of Walter Norris, our former Head Projectionist, in the article due to come out October 28th.

Shirley MacLaine is now “haunting” me, but in a very good way.  She called me today – Ken, it’s Shirley!  Let’s talk. – about coming back to do a three-day seminar so she can really get into the subjects she touched on during her talk at the Paramount on Sunday.  She wants a portion of that seminar to take place at the theatre because of its “good energy”.  So I am working with her to see if we can make it happen. 

If you are interested leave a comment here with your email so I can let you know if it makes.  She is a fabulous lady who clearly wants to bring about change in the world…  and I will always take her calls.


4 responses to “Ghost Stories…

  1. Brenda Thompson

    Helen Anders is the Statesman reporter doing a story about the ghosts at the Paramount; it should be in the Life section of the Statesman before Halloween. (She also writes a travel blog, Anders Meanders, for the newspaper, at

  2. I’m in. Wow.

  3. I would like to attend … only if I don’t have to sell my soul to do so!

  4. Ken…I am so there. My email is And anything a little girl like me can do to make this seminar happen, you got it. I had such a fabulous time last weekend!

    [tentatively planned for Jan. 4,5&6 but not confirmed yet ~ ken]

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