I can’t even find the words…


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What an amazing way to open the season!  The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra gave a sold out crowd 2 solid hours of perfection and then, responding to an encore-demanding standing ovation from the audience, transformed from a 14 piece orchestra into a quintet featuring Wynton Marsalis on trumpet, Sherman Irby on alto saxophone, Dan Nimmer on piano, Carlos Henriquez on bass, and Ali Jackson on drums.  If you are a jazz lover or even a jazz admirer, this was as close to heaven as it gets. 

A little backstage trivia – Wynton spent much of the time backstage playing chess with a fellow band member.

That music was made for the Paramount.  I didn’t have a seat for the show, but even standing in the upper balcony I was blown away.

But as great as the evenig was, the whole story is even better… Earlier that day, we treated 75 local high school and middle school kids to sit in on the sound check. Some of them even got to come back and enjoy the performance for free through our Skinny’s Gallery program.  Before the show, subscribers were invited to either a dinner club at Ruth’s Chris or a New Orleans style celebration at the Stephen F. Austin terrace bar featuring the music of Dr. Zog.

So after the show, our Century Club members attended a private reception in the Governor’s Suite of the InterContinental Stephen F. Austin. Other guests included Ted Cruz who serves as the Solicitor General of Texas and his wife Heidi. Wynton was supposed to be there but no one seemed too disappointed when he instead decided to stay at the theatre and  give a private trumpet lesson to a young musician who had come to the show. Mr Marsalis did the same thing the last time he played the Paramount. That speaks volumes about who he is as a person and is just another wonderful piece of the Paramout history. However, Henriquez joined Century Club members for drinks and appetizers compliments of Robert Hill, General Manager for the hotel.

Welcome to our 92nd season!!!

Look for photos in Tribeza magazine.


11 responses to “I can’t even find the words…

  1. We had a great time. What a show and you were very charming on stage. Are you really nervous when you do that?

    [ yes. very. – Ken]

  2. We loved every minute.

  3. Can I smoke in your theater?

  4. Janis Pinnelli

    I gave my tickets to the young man (and his father) who got the private lesson after the show. He said it was the greatest night of his life. I am sorry I missed the show but I’m so glad I could give this young man the best night of his life (so far). Just to see the picture his father took of them was enough to know I did the right thing.

    [love everything about you – Ken]

  5. Joanne and Roger Scarborough

    About thirty minutes into the first set last night, I was reminded of “Gone with the Wind” in which one thinks to oneself, “My god, Bonnie still has to die!” That is how we felt when we realized that the first set was going to go on for nearly an HOUR! I now know how some of those French felt the first night of “Rite of Spring.”

    We have heard in person Brubeck, Getz, Basie, Hampton and Callaway, and one of our favorite things to going to San Antonio for Jim Cullum. That first hour was not one of my favorite things.

    My wife overheard in the ladies room the commnet “I so hoped that he would play “Take the A Train,” and that sums it up.

    Yes, it is absolutely wonderful that the band did all the wonderful work with the children. As a teacher myself, I really admire that.

    Looking forward to the next show. Yes, I heard Bob Wills in Kingsville about 1966.

  6. I wish it lasted another two hours… it’s not like there was a plot that prevented you from leaving early! Bravo to the Paramount for another perfect evening. The party at the SFA before the show was fantastic.

  7. What an experience. As someone who has enjoyed jazz for years, it really doesn’t get any better than this. Words fail me (and they usually do not). The magic of jazz brought to Austin, complete with somebody who played with Duke Ellington! Too much fun.

  8. Glad that you had a nice evening with Wynton and the guys 😉


  9. Helen Marplestine

    I too can’t believe that Ken Stein still gets nervous on Stage. You would think after 14 years of touring under the stage name of “Patty Melt” it would all be old hat by now…I STILL think he is God’s gift to the Paramount!

    [what can I say folks? we don’t screen the comments… – Ken]

  10. lotta fun in seeing Wynton Marsalis and big band… no photos on Tribeza, though – will we have any luck with that?

  11. Yes, I remember this amazing concert. Anything Wynton touches turns to gold, and I especially like his classical recordings. Thanks for the post.

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