$700 seats and Free Entertainment

wynton.jpg Pearl fighting with Vera

Roxann, your bid still stands.  The seats will be yours unless someone does one of those nasty little EBay last second bids that prevents me from getting that rare, limited-edition Beanie Baby every time…  Ooops.  Sorry this isn’t about me is it?

Just wanted to let everyone know that the cast of Tuna Does Vegas (both of them) will be hosting a free press conference and performance in front of the Paramount tomorrow at 11AM.  If you are downtown, it will be worth the trip to get a glimpse of Austin’s own Jaston Williams and Joe Sears doing what they do best!  It looks like we will be extending the run of their new show – you heard it here first.

Remember, if you want to get in on the bidding for Wynton Maralis front row tickets, simply leave your bid amount as a comment to this post.  High bid on Wednesday at 5:00 wins.  Bid must be confirmed before tickets are issued.  Winner notified by email.   Bid is for 4 front row seats to Wynton Marsalis at the Paramount on September 20.  Free drinks included so plan to cab it!

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