Here’s looking at you…

Dame Ken Dame Edna Anna Conda

So I am ready for Dame Edna at the Paramount in January.  I got these glasses in prepartion.  Now, if you are not familiar with the Dame Edna Experience, then I quess this picture looks pretty ridiculous.  Actually, I quess it looks ridiculous no matter what.  (I can’t believe I posted it on the net!)  Anyway, tickets to all our shows go on sale September 5… unless you are a donor/subscriber -you can order tickets now.

You know, these glasses could also work for Tuna Does Vegas.  Speaking of Tuna… I chatted with Jaston Williams this week.  He and Joe are back from their  successful run at the Grand Opera House.  Jaston told me they are upgrading the sets and making some changes to a few scenes based on how it played out in Galveston.  I loved what I saw there,  so this only means Jaston is keeping his promise about the Austin premiere – it has to be perfect for Austin because this is home.  

I love that we have Jaston three times this season:  Tuna Does Vegas,  A Tuna Christmas, and Cowboy NoisesWelcome home Jaston.  It’s going to be a great season at the Paramount!


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