San Antonio likes Tuna

Pearl fighting with Vera

The story ran in today’s San Antonio paper.  I hope my family knows I meant it with love…

 Here is the link.


4 responses to “San Antonio likes Tuna

  1. Hey Ken — Great job on the interview!! I’ve just had a call from a friend in San Antonio — she wants 4 tickets, maybe 6. Everyone is so excited about the birth of a new Tuna!

  2. Thanks CJ. My family is asking for tickets as well… I guess I didn’t offend them afterall! It appears that, just like in Galveston, the show will pull an audience from across the region.

  3. Hey Ken,

    What are the “special” events scheduled for October 23th – the opening night of Tuna Does Vegas?

  4. Still working on them…

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