Your feet smell like Port Arthur


If you want to know what’s up with the Port Arthur comment above, you’ll have to see Tuna Does Vegas.  It is hysterical. Congrats to Jaston and Joe who earned the standing O they got last night.

If you are a long-time Tuna fan, you’ll love seeing all the usual suspects from the third smallest town in Texas.  If you’re new to the show, it might take you a bit to realize that only two people are playing all the characters… more than a dozen including a few new ones.  My favorite is Anna Conda (pictured above) who runs the Hula Chateux in Vegas.  The costume changes are so quick you’ll think Jaston and Joe have hired stunt doubles to help out.

On the way to Galveston I got a phone call from a reporter with the Express-News in San Antonio.  They are running a story on the show (which isn’t scheduled to play SA) a week from this Sunday.  The reporter wanted to know if I could explain why the Tuna shows, including this new one, are so popular.  I think the main reason is that all of us can relate to many of the characters.  In fact, I told the reporter that many of the characters are members of my own family – not a good idea considering most of my family lives in San Antonio and will most likely read the story… sorry Aunt Punky, Aunt Do, Aunt Gladys, Aunt Alfrene, Uncle Freddy and Uncle Glennis.  I meant it as a compliment!  (Yep, those names are not made up.)

I think another reason the shows are so popular can be credited to Jaston and Joe and their amazing ability to bring each character to life.  By the end of Tuna Does Vegas I felt like I had just spent the evening with old friends.  I can’t wait for it to come to Austin so I can see it again… and again.

BTW, my hotel in Galveston was filled with people from all over Southeast Texas who had driven in to see the show.  If you are planning to travel to Austin when it plays the Paramount, I suggest you try to get a room at either the InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (next door to the theatre) or the Radisson Hotel and Suites Austin – Town Lake (four short blocks away).    Both Hotels are good friends to the Paramount.

Oh and one more thing…having seen the show I am more convinced now than ever that Joe Sears and Gladys Hardy who calls to the Ellen Degeneres Show were separated at birth.


2 responses to “Your feet smell like Port Arthur

  1. I saw it in Galveston. It was wonderful. I will tell my friends in Austin to go see it.

  2. I have always thought that Gladys Hardy sounded like one of the Tuna guys. Nice to know I am not alone with that suspicion!

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