Hottest Ticket in Town! Bid is at $950…

Kathy Griffin plays the Paramount

It’s the hottest ticket in town.  We have been flooded with calls and emails for tickets to this show…sold out for weeks.  I’ve even gotten calls from folks in San Antonio who have discovered the show there is sold out as well.  Bidders, start your engines! The highest bid at 5PM today gets two seats in the front row and free drinks.  To bid, simply leave a comment with your best offer. 

Backstage Kathy has requested Diet Coke, Lemon Wedges and Peanut Butter even though every restaurant in town has called us with offers to feed her! And her hotel arrangements have changed… I guess she looked at a map and realized Bastrop wasn’t Austin!  See you at the show…

Comments now closed.  Our winner will be contacted shortly.


5 responses to “Hottest Ticket in Town! Bid is at $950…

  1. If we go over $1000, do we get to meet Kathy backstage?

  2. I couldn’t guarantee it as that would be for Kathy to decide. She is in San Antonio the night before and Fort Worth the night after so she could be wiped out and not willing…but we would try.

  3. Ok $1050 for the pair, but my girlfriend Mindy really wants to meet Kathy. She doen’t want to F*** her or anything, but she really likes her.
    So do your best for me.
    Sincerely, Your brother from another mother,

  4. I’ll do my best but you have to not be mad at me if she says no. I can’t force her to do a meet and greet. She did one last year and we didn’t get the ok until right before the show.

  5. I won’t be mad, either way it will be great.