$950 – will we get to a thousand?

map.gif motel-6.gif intercontinental.gif holiday-inn.gif 

Craig wants to join me in front row seating for Kathy Griffin this Friday at the Paramount. Of course, it’s the front row seats and the free drinks driving the bidding and my proximity to those seats is not improtant.

I can’t thank everyone enough for bidding.  We’ll have to do this again with other sold out shows.  Remember, you have until 5:00 on Wednesday to get your bid in.  All comments are time and date stamped, so don’t wait until the very last minute as your clock may be slightly different than  mine.

So here is a little gossip…  Last time Kathy played the Paramount she stayed in the Governor’s Suite at the Stephen F. Austin InterContinental Hotel right next door to the theatre.  This year… the Driskill? the Four Seasons? the Stephen F. Austin again???  OK.   She handled her own travel and lodging this time around.  I can’t tell you where she is staying but I can tell you it is just bizarre.  Out of respect for her privacy while she is in town, I will wait to blog about it until after the show.   But let’s just say I am questioning Kathy’s ability to read a map…

So back to the contest… 2 front row seats and free drinks are in store for the indivual willing to outbid Craig’s bid of $950.  To bid, just leave a comment with your bid amount.  I’ll email you if you win.  The winning bid must be confirmed before the tickets are issued.  Good luck…and thank you.


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