Two Front Row Seats – $900…what a deal!

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Deb. Deb. Deb!  Way to go Deb!

I just got back from a fundraiser for the Austin Humane Society at the beautiful home of Lara and Michael Gale to find our high bid for the Kathy Griffin tickets has gone up to $900.  Wow.  Interestingly enough, there is a connection between these two events.

Even though the Paramount is itself a non-profit organization, one of its core values is to use its stature within the community to help other non-profits.  Sometimes we make our facility available to other organizations to have fundraisers. Sometimes we give away tickets to other non-profits to auction off.  And sometimes we actually coordinate fundraisers to help other organizations.

Something I am very proud of was the Paramount’s response to Hurricane Katrina evacuees arriving in Austin.  We put out a call to local musicians and put together a concert.  The staff and crew as well as the musicians all donated their time and talent, and we raised $60,000.  That money was given to other non-profits like the Austin Children’s Shelter and Caritas of Austin who were responding to the additional clients who were in the city needing assistance.

This Friday at Kathy Griffin’s show we are collecting items for the Austin Humane Society.  They will have a table in the lobby and items like pet food and other pet supplies as well as cash donations will be collected.  Last week we included a link to the Humane Society’s website in one of our emails, and they tell us that they saw a significant increase in donations on-line due to that email… so thank you to everyone who responded. Everyone knows how much Kathy Griffin loves her dogs, so we thought this would be appropriate.

 Thank you again Deb, but I hope you’ll understand when I say that I want someone to outbid you…

If you are just learning about this ticket contest, all you need to know to leave a bid is to just leave a comment with the amount you are willing to donate to the theatre.  I’ll email you if you get the winning bid.  Multiple (high) bids of the same amount will go into a final drawing.  The winning bid will be confirmed before the tickets are issued… and free drinks are included! 

Comments now closed on this post.  To leave a bid, use the most recont post.


One response to “Two Front Row Seats – $900…what a deal!

  1. I still need my fantasy of having front row tickets so $950.

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