The Difference…

Kathy Griffin Buses at the Paramount Paramount Interior

Thanks to Elle, the current bid for these 2 front row seats stands at an amazing $775.  Remember, to leave a bid,  just leave a comment with the amount you are willing to donate to the theatre.  I’ll email you if you get the winning bid.  Multiple (high) bids of the same amount will go into a final drawing.  The winning bid will be confirmed before the tickets are issued… and free drinks are included!  So make a bid now to join me in A-List seating for this D-List Mega Star.

Over on EBay, I just saw a pair of Orchestra Right Row J tickets that are selling for $510.  Now, EBay gets some of that and the Paramount, of course, got its original sale for the tickets.  The EBay seller keeps the rest.  I am not sure how I feel about that, and to my knowledge there isn’t anything illegal about the transaction.  BUT…

Here is the difference.  When you buy tickets from anyone other than the Paramount or our authorized ticketing agency, Gettix, there is no guarantee that you actually have seats to the show.  It depends on whether the seller is honest or not.  (In fact, the seating chart displayed by this EBay seller isn’t even the Paramount in Austin, Texas …it’s the Paramount in Austin, Minnesota!) You wouldn’t believe the lengths some scalpers will go to try and get the good seats that should otherwise have gone to donors and subscribers. However, the tickets that you are bidding on here at my blog are real.  They are better seats,  AND 100% of your donation is staying with the theatre.  So why is that important?

Well, the Paramount no longer makes good business sense.  We don’t have enough seats to make keeping her open a profitable venture.  She had a good run as a Vaudeville House back at the turn of the last century, but then Vaudeville died.  She had another good go at it as Austin’s only true  “movie palace” from 1930 until the late 60’s.  But then big Cineplex’s came to the “burbs” and downtown movie palaces began to close their doors from coast to coast.  The Paramount would surely have closed if not for three UT graduates who tried to rent it and turn it into a live performance space again in 1976.  Alas, they went bankrupt almost immediately, but they had captured Austin’s attention and a Non-Profit was formed to keep the grand old lady open.

Every generation of Central Texans will have to ask itself,  “Do we want to save this for the next generation?”  The first time that answer is “No” will be the last time the question needs to be asked because the Paramount will be lost forever like so many other theatres before her.  To understand just how significant the Paramount is, please read my post from a couple of weeks ago entitled “Shooting a Pilot”.  And if that isn’t enough to inspire you to keep her doors open, then I should also add that we welcome over 10,000 school children and give away literally thousands of tickets to children and non-profits each year.  We also host the Ballet, Symphony, SXSW, Austin Film Society, Austin Film Festival, TexARTS, KLRU, KUT, and the list goes on…

The Paramount is the center for arts and entertainment in the city.  While other buildings boast of being 20, 30 or even 40 stories tall, we pride ourselves on being over a million stories old – stories of first dates, favorite movies, special memories and more…

Shall we continue with the bids? Craig? Brian? Wes?  Julie?  Bueller?  Beuller?  Anyone?

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4 responses to “The Difference…

  1. Hi Ken… how are things? I’m with the Wyndham hotel, and also the Austin Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Kudos on everything you guys are doing… I’d love to chat with you more personally regarding the Paramount and the arts in Austin. Darn! I’m sad that I didn’t get tix to Kathy early enough, I saw her show last year at the Paramount, and definitely consider myself one of her gays… give her a hug for me!


  2. I’ll go up to $800

  3. I’m loving Craig!!! Thanks everyone. I’ll blog over the weekend to give you some more info about the show… and I hope to give you some Kathy gossip next week as well. Stay tuned and keep bidding!!!

  4. Ok, I really enjoy the Paramount and the great treasury we have in Austin. My bid is $900.