You and me on the front row for Kathy

My Life on the D List First Season DVD Kathy Griffin at the Paramount with the Kens  

Would you like to be my guest on the front row for Kathy Griffin at the Paramount on July 20th?  Kathy might be living on the D-List, but these seats are definatley of the A-List variety.  Kathy could literally reach out and touch you if she wants. 

So how do you score two front row seats next to me?  (By the way, I realize the prize here are the front row seats and not the “next to me” bit). 

You know how I am always raising money to keep the theatre in great shape… well, this is nothing different.  The blogger willing to make the highest donation to the theatre gets the seats…and free drinks…and all of this is next to me!

Here is how it works.  If you want to put in a bid, simply leave a comment on this blog with the amount you are willing to bid.  No need to leave a phone number as I will capture your email address when you leave the comment.  I’ll keep updating the postings daily so that you know what the current high bid is.  Feel free to bid as many times as you like for as much as you like.  All bids are for two seats and payment will have to be confirmed before tickets are distributed.

If more than one blogger submits the same (highest) bid, we will have a drawing from those names for the lucky winner.  A winner will be announced by 5:00 PM, Wednesday, July 18.

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21 responses to “You and me on the front row for Kathy

  1. $250 for the pair

  2. $300.00 for the pair

  3. $301.00 for the pair

  4. $325.00 for the pair

  5. $400 for the pair

  6. $350.99 for the pair.

  7. $375.00 for the pair.

  8. $400/pair

  9. I bid $400 a few minutes ago. Did you get my bid?

  10. 444.44 for the pair

  11. But i’m D-list in real life and work for the county (Probation Officer)…i could really use a laugh—and Kathy cracks my s**t up!!! I guess the best i could do is $100 for the pair. Please have pity on this poor gal…

  12. 456.78/pair. Read it and weep, Hunka.

  13. $600 for the pair. Good cause….funny lady.

  14. Hey Ken – how about an RSS feed for this thread? thanks 🙂

  15. Indeed, Wes. No argument there. You certainly seem like a sensible fellow. Nevertheless, I must up your bid to $666 for the pair. You understand… it’s for the children.

  16. I should have known better than to send my un-solicited $1000 before you waved the carrot on the stick .

  17. uh, is that a bid?

  18. Don’t worry, Julie. Your “666 mark of the beast” bid still stands… Jim is a former Board Member who not only has a good sense of humor, he also knows (or at least I hope he knows) that a simple phone call gets him into any show as long as I am at the Paramount. He is a long, long time supporter and was on our Board for over 20 years working hard raising funds to keep the doors open.

  19. In case anyone is interested… I have two FRONT ROW tickets to “The Vagina Monologues” starring Ruth Buzzi, Carol Channing, and Clay Aiken… Let the bidding begin!

  20. Ok, before I consider raising my bid I must ask an important question. What are the drinks that are included?

  21. I’ll bid $700.