Current High Bid is $666, can I get a seven?

Kathy Griffin plays the Paramount

(Scratch that.   Within minutes of making this post, we got a bid from Craig for $700.  Sorry Julie.  Way to go Craig!!!!) 

Wow.  The day started out with a bid of $250 from Brian, a good friend to the theatre.  By the end of the day the high bid for these front row seats to Kathy Griffin currently stands at $666 from Julie.

Remember, the pair of tickets goes to the highest bidder at 5:00 next Wednesday.  The lucky winner(s) will join me in A-List seating for the Queen of the D-List.  These are tickets I have purchased myself, so 100% of your bid goes to support the theatres.  (The value of the tickets is $150, so everything above that is a tax deduction.)

Someone asked for an RSS feed to this post… I am embarrassed to admit that I have not figured out how to do that yet.  I am new to this blog stuff, but am learning as fast as I can.    Kathy, for some reason your $400 bid got marked as SPAM so I had to retrieve it from the Spam file before it could post.  Oh, and Kerri you used a naughty word in your post so it got held for a couple of hours until I could approve its posting.

Julie, have we met?  You’re my new best friend… until someone outbids you!  Speaking of which, I have a question from Wes about the drinks… you name it Wes.  As long as you and your guest don’t become a public nuisance…and can prove to me you won’t drive home drunk… I’ll give you plenty of  coupons good for water, soda, wine, beer or a cocktail from the bar.  The only drink the coupon won’t get you is the Paramount’s signature drink, the Houdini Martini.  Of course, if the bid goes high enough I’ll make sure even those get offered up!

To bid simply leave your best offer in a comment.  The winning bid must be confirmed prior to issuing the tickets.  In case we have more than one bid for the same (highest) amount, we will do a drawing to pick the winner… or maybe I’ll wrestle up some more front row seats!  Please continue the bidding on the most recent post.


4 responses to “Current High Bid is $666, can I get a seven?

  1. who is K Stein?
    sincerely sofia

  2. LOL at JSZ’s (comment on Ken’s previous post) “dream team” for Vagina Monologues.