Tuna Helper

Jaston Williams

I ran into Jaston Williams this morning at Las Manitas.  I always seem to run into someone I know there.  Anyway, Jaston reports that he and Joe are having fun working on the new show, Tuna Does Vegas, which is scheduled  to play the Paramount Oct-Nov.  I actually had lunch with Jaston about three months ago and he did tell me a little bit about the play.  While I can’t tell you all the secrets, I am confident we are in for a wild ride with the residents of Tuna on their trip to Las Vegas.  Can anyone tell me how many stops between Austin and Vegas when flying Southwest Airlines???  A laugh riot it will be…  and then later in the season more laughs are sure to come with Jaston’s new one-man-show Cowboy Noises.   If you have never seen a Tuna show (Greater Tuna, A Christmas Tuna, or Red, White & Tuna) you can still enjoy this 4th show, but why not order the Greater Tuna DVD just to get familiar with the residents of Tuna, Texas.


4 responses to “Tuna Helper

  1. I can’t wait for the new Tuna show!!!!!

  2. The tuna shows have always been my favorite. I have seen them all at the Paramount. I can’t wait for this new one. I love your new season.

  3. I am looking forward to finally seeing Jaston’s new show. His last show I’m Not Lying was great. This is a fun site to see behind the scenes at the Parmount. My family has been going there since I was a kid.

  4. Really!!! A new Tuna Show!!! Yippee.

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