Us vs. Them – you decide

Cyndi Pauper at the Parmount Cyndi at larger venue

Last year, Cyndi Lauper played the Paramount and left people literally stunned at her musical talent…. I know, not something you would think about the 80’s Pop Icon.  But it’s ture.  She is extremely talented and her live show at the Paramount is something that people are still talking about.  It was that good.  We tried to get her back this year but her current tour played Houston and Dallas instead.

I loved her concert so much that I made the trip to Dallas to see her again.  Big, BIG mistake.  Cyndi was great but the venue ruined everything.  I couldn’t hear a single word she sang.   At both shows she left the stage and climbed into the seats to sing.  The picture on the left above was taken from a cell phone at the Paramount in a seat that cost $67.  The picture on the right above was taken from my seat in Dallas that cost $72.   I am telling you, the Paramount is just the absolute best venue to see any kind of show.

Acoustically  the Paramount was built before sound systems, so if you are a music lover actually hearing the music at the Paramount is a treat.  Visually the Paramount is stunning and even the last seat in the balcony is closer than most seats in other venues.  The Paramount has spoiled me…. maybe you should let yourself be spoiled as well.  Check out our 2007-08 Season now on sale.

Oh and I checked on tickets to Kathy Griffin’s show at the Paramount in July.  Only obstructed view seats are left.  These can only be purchased at the Paramount Box Office located at 713 Congress Ave.  Even our obstructed view seats are not that bad.


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