Writing on the wall…

Kodo Drummers signaturesJohn Prine SignatureLily Tomlin SignatureKathy Griffin Signaturejimmy-buffett-signature.gif

Lots of entertainers have left messages for us backstage.  International stars like the Kodo Drummers appear next to Entertainment Icons like JimmyBuffett.  Sometimes it is simply a signature on the wall, but often it is a message relating to the show.  Jimmy Buffett repeated his remark from stage where he told the audience that he loved playing the Paramount because he could actually hear himself sing. [Buffett normally plays large, impersonal venues.]

Not pictured is a comment from George Carlin about a couple of shows that had played the Paramount in the past.  To some the comment is funny.. to others not so much… to me it’s just one of a million stories to tell about this amazing place.

My favorite (still makes me laugh out loud) message was Kathy Griffin’s response to a message left a couple of weeks earlier from Dan Rather.   Mr. Rather wrote “Courage” and then signed his name.  A word like “courage” followed by Dan Rather’s signature makes you pause and ponder… courage followed by Kathy Griffin’s signature makes you snort and giggle.  She is just so damn funny I can’t stand it.

Lily Tomlin thinks the Paramount is one of the most beautiful theatres she has ever played and (unlike Griffin) when Judith Ivey echoed the sentiment a few months later , she was serious.  Often times a “thank you” like the one from John Prine is actually a message to our amazing backstage crew headed up by Mary Nelson and Denise Brouillette.  Those two women really know how to make our celebrities feel special.


5 responses to “Writing on the wall…

  1. Margaret Talley

    Is it true that you performed at the Paramount back in the late 80’s under the stage name Ginger Vitis??

  2. You must be thinking of Perry Dontal. Distant cousins.

  3. Star Jones-Reynolds

    Can you explain why there only appears to be three degrees of separation instead of the usual six between you and Kevin Bacon??

  4. His mother Ruth taught my cousin Molly in school.

  5. I love Jimmy Buffett…who else could get caught with 100 tabs of “ecstasy” and claim “It was medicine prescribed by my doctor.” He’s a fun man.

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